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Connected Retail is changing the way consumers and stores interact - but experiences differ greatly between retailers. This is the first comprehensive, objective review of omnichannel retail in the UK, from click-and-collect and online fulfilment, to shop floor technology and staff empowerment - where do you rank?


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Thanks to the power of digital, we live in an increasingly connected world, which puts the customer in control of choosing how they shop, where they shop and when they shop. Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne - Executive Director of Customer, Marks & Spencer
It's fantastic to see the hard work delivered by our digital team colleagues being externally recognised through this Connected Retail Index. Mark Steel - Digital Director, Sainsbury's Argos
The challenges of being a seamless, connected and digitally advanced business gives the whole group focus and energy to get on with the transformation. Gordon Bell - Head of Customer Experience & Multichannel Development, IKEA
Online is the fastest growing area of our estate so we must embrace the digital shopper, however most of our transactions still happen in store. It's by blurring the lines between the physical store and the digital store experience that we are able to cater to the changing needs of our customer. Paul Finucane - Group Stores Director, Harvey Nichols
Debenhams is completely focused on enabling our customers to easily connect with us anytime anywhere. And it's not just about transactions, genuine connections go way beyond this. Social sharing and each and every touch point in the customer journey are critical in the culture of connected online 24/7. Paula Hassett - Customer Experience, Debenhams
The Connected Retail Index is a tremendous resource for identifying where our most popular retailers are and where they're going. It's an invaluable and timely insight into the industry as a whole. Dan Mortimer - CEO, Red Ant
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