What is Connected Retail?

Most retailers know that staying relevant to today's customers involves making a commitment to using technology to develop fully-connected, engaging experiences which are not only seamless across all channels, but also make it both practical and rewarding when customers visit physical stores.

However, knowing what you need to do and actually doing it are two very different things. Customer experiences across all sectors vary widely, from fully-realised retail theatre backed by totally connected cross-channel data, through to experiences which lack the right in-store technology or online-to-offline connection.

Through a market-first combination of desk-based and field research, the connected retail index gives unprecedented insight into 200 UK retailers and where they are on this scale, with in-depth analysis of the key areas of connected customer experience:

  • Dedicated consumer applications and online presence
  • Value-added features such as click and collect, next-day delivery, loyalty schemes and social sharing
  • In-store technology including display screens and interactive kiosks
  • Connected retail features such as online ordering in-store and mobile payments
  • Assisted sales technology and digital tools for colleagues
  • Personalised experiences including appointment booking and customer profiling
  • Retail theatre such as social media walls, games and in-store DJs

The result is a detailed picture of the state of play for retail technology on the UK high street, enabling you to pinpoint with accuracy those who are leading the way and those who still have work to do to ensure their customers have a connected experience.